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:: News, Phenom II X6, The Six Core Processor

How will the release of Phenom II X6 already heard, Now Through some of their retailers, AMD Phenom processors have been marketing the X6 series II which is a desktop PC processor with six of the physical processor cores in it. AMD plans to deliver six-core processor rival Intel's truly real. AMD started the series with two models of the processor. Phenom II X6 X6 II 1055T and 1090T Phenom Black Edition. For information, AMD Phenom II X6 1055T running at a speed of 2.8 GHz and at speeds reaching 3.3 GHz Core Turbo. As for Phenom Black Edition II X6 1090T original run on the speed of 3.2 GHz at speeds reaching 3.6 GHz Core Turbo. Two of processors have cache sizes of 9MB, and the total maximum power consumption of 125 watts.
 1090T Phenom Black Edition II X6 is basically a speed of 3.2 GHz with socket AM3 and uses 125 watts maximum power. The processor also comes with 9MB cache, 3MB to 6MB of L2 and L3. 

Apparently from the specifications above AMD prepares to compete with Intel's Core i7 980X.

However, in theory Gulftown Intel processor has a higher speed, ie 3.33 GHz , 
AMD processor has advantages and also its uniqueness. Especially for 1090T Black Edition Version provides features to facilitate users unlock multiplier tamper further processor speed.

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  1. par excellent processor right now. I prefer AMD than Intel because AMD is very reliable as long as I knew.


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