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:: 10 best free application for iPhone

There are approximately 100.000 application for the iPhone and iPod touch, and the surprising turns out many of the application is a free application which can we download.
The following applications can be installed without to jailbreak or to Unlock your iPhone, so it is more secure and you can directly download it via Apps Store and make sure you have iTunes accounts.
Below is a list of ten best free applications for users of the iPhone, which consists of applications for social networking, travel, news, photography, productivity and others.

Here are ten applications:

1. Facebook
With the Facebook application on iPhone will be easier for us to communicate with friends on Facebook. ungkinkan we are always connected. Facebook for iPhone now has reached version 3 and have made additions of features such as quick access to part of a routine visit (news feeds, notification, and many more) and pages.

2. Gorrilacam
Gorillacam present in December 2009. This application will improve the performance of which is owned by the iPhone camera.

3. RunKeeper Free
RunKeeper Free application uses the GPS capability included in the iPhone to keep track of our jogging route and provides maps and details about the calories you've burned.

4. Stanza
Stanza allows you to download books from a variety of sources (many of which offer free of charge) and then we can transfer them via ePub, PDF, or eReader from Stanza Desktop application is free.

5. Dropbox
Of the many applications that offer a transfer (transfers) content between computers and devices that we have, but only just Dropbox is free and easy to use.

6. Thetrainline
For those who travel frequently by train, Thetrainline is an application that can beat them all. Plan a trip, the results offline, and to see the departures as well as train travel time can be described by using this application.

7. Skype
Although less than perfect but the Skype is an application that must be downloaded. With Skype allows us to call other users all over the world for free.

8. Now Playing
Now Playing will show information about what movie is playing, the nearest movie theater and movie playback time.

9. TonePad
TonePad allows us to create beautiful harmonies and tones that can be used as a personal ringtone.

10. Thomson Reuters News Pro
There are so many new applications are free, but the Reuters News Pro offers a number of advantages that deserve to be winners. This application will display the latest news, stock quotes and other on our iPhone.

by: techradar

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