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:: News, 2010 Intel Computer Processors Production in China

Starting the fourth quarter of 2010, China will begin producing a computer processor. Factory owned by a giant computer chip processor from the United States (U.S.), Intel Corp., will start operating in the city of Dalian, China.
As quoted from the official Xinhua news agency, Monday (29 / 3), Kirby Jefferson, general manager chip factory in Dalian said that chip factories in coastal cities that will begin production at the 44th week of 2010.

For information, factory in Dalian is Intel's first chip factory in Asia, and has received greater investment again even in the midst of the global financial crisis.
With an investment worth U.S. $ 2.5 billion, the plant was built in the Technology and Economic Development Zone of Dalian in northeastern China, to be precise in Liaoning Province. The broad zone of 160 thousand square meters.
According to Jefferson, the Dalian factory equipped with most advanced facilities and will employ more than 1,500 people with 60% of whom are local residents.
Plant construction project itself was announced in March 2007. As Intel's first chipset factory in Asia is part of a network of eight such facilities.

Source - VIVAnews

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