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:: News, Chrome Superb Web Browser

So many web browsers available today, just Google Chrome that can not be penetrated by hackers in the contest arena Pwn2Own at cansecwest conference in Vancouver, Canada. Other browsers successfully penetrated, ranging from Firefox 3.6, Safari and Internet Explorer 8.
Peter Vreugdenhill, managed to penetrate the fortress of Internet Explorer 8 by performing the bypass on the function of the data execution prevention (DEP) and address space layout randomization (ASLR). Meanwhile, a critical weakness in Firefox 3.6.2 penetrated by a hacker named Nils from MWR Info Security UK. However, the weakness of IE8 and Firefox can not be penetrated if the browser is running on the Windows 7 Protected Mode sandbox features.
Another security researcher, Charlie Miller of Independent Security Evaluators managed to penetrate security systems browser Safari on MacBook and take over the operating system OS X. Miller had been known as a reliable security researchers through this system and Apple's success won the same competition for the third time.
Contestants are not allowed to them published until the vendor can provide a patch that provides (patch) to prevent attacks from an irresponsible person.

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  1. sometimes i get trouble or crash ( stuck ), when im browsing with chrome. I think chrome is far from final and hope google can fix it


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