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Android is an open operating system for mobile phones based on Java and Linux operating systems developed by OHA. Open operating system platform. OS has been further promote open standards for mobile telephone equipment with VoIP technology (voice over internet protocol) makes this smartphone does not need a pulse and the number that will be replaced by an account on Gmail.

In the future, Google looks at the source of the money in the smart phone which he believes will be increasingly memassa than using a PC connected to the Internet. If a cell phone already has the ability equivalent to a PC in the features and processing capabilities, then it will increasingly displace laptops and PCs because of the existence of a more practical phone again because these tools can connect people through sound, images, and video.

Viewed from the side of the technology, since the first version of the Android software was launched on 5 November 2007, Google continues to strive to upgrade their mobile phone with latest software continue to supplement with additional features that draw, which was launched on 14 April 2009 yesterday, the second version is a new Android 1.5 SDK Preview the deberi a cupcake with extra features using a stereo Bluetooth A2DP profile, an on-screen keyboard software and video recorder as well as video playback, support the addition of a screen that can rotate into landscape mode using the accelerometer, and other improvised the latest version of the form SquirrelFish WebKit and JavaScript engine, and a Linux kernel update as the core system.

Some devices that are predicted to participate in the technologically menenanamkan Android was in the year 2010, Android will Present at the PC-Tablet & Home Phone. It is increasingly believed to strengthen the prediction that Android can be applied in other platforms outside of the phone. Operating system (OS) output of Google, Android seems to be the opponent of Microsoft in the Netbook market in 2010. Currently, the Android development project is still in trial stage. Andorid believed to provide resistance to the Windows and Linux. Based on open source program that is judged to have more capability in the affairs of the internet connection. In addition, Android also considered cheaper, that's the reason why Android will be the toughest competitor of Windows.

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