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:: Tips, Preventing Under Exposure on Pocket Camera

Almost every user's pocket cameras, complaining that they get results photos tend to be less light (under exposure), especially flash photography (indoor), because the camera of this type rely on a built-in flash low light intensity, so the range / coverage area is limited, and habit of shooting from distance plus the maximum flash range.
To avoid this problem, we need to know the ability of flash cameras, compact cameras are generally in the range max data are given only flash, for example: wide angle: 3 m, tele: 2 m, ISO 100 PD.
To prevent under exposure, try to take pictures in the distance before / below the max flash range.

Thing to note :
1. Use a flash with a low speed ( slow synch flash ) to object + background light well enough.
This is especially useful for night shoot / scene, where the BG who was dark, it's pretty light ( bright ), only to remember, though using a flash at a low speed, try to keep the camera + subjects remained steady picture ( recommended to use a tripod / alternative ). Another advantage, the lower the speed the more natural light color of the original which is recorded (for example: a more advanced color warm incandescent light).

2. Use the highest ISO for less light conditions ( low light ) and / or for moving objects ( photos sports / action ), so that sufficient light objects, as well as "freeze" motion.
The weakness of high ISO usage, especially on small sensor cameras with this, is the increase in noise ( in analogue cameras / film, grainy ), due to increased sensor sensitivity to light by increasing the amplifier gain of the sensor. But this noise level ( generally consumer digicam max ISO 400 ), is still worthy of printing for small size, if you do not like the noise / grainy, avoid ISO 400, ISO 200 use the max.
3. Use a value of (+) EV ( exposure compensation ) to "enlighten" the results of our photos.
The advantage with this method, are: increasing the brightness is not accompanied by increased noise, because the way this works is by reducing the speed until the limit of "safe", where the speed is high enough for handheld, if this is still not enough, then that will be enlarged aperturenya; related with how it works, we must consider the consequences:
the greater the value of (+) its EV, the lower speed, is not suited to "freeze" the motion of objects, better suited for still images.
when to aperturenya enlarged, then it will shorten DOF, but this is rare, especially considering the digital pocket camera has a DOF that "very" long, except for macro photos.
Because the brightness is intentionally we "add", so avoid its use for photos at close range / close-up (1 m or less), to avoid over-exposure.

by Chandra R


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