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:: DiCapack Solution for underwater adventure


DicaPack is up to 5 m waterproof, your filming limits are expanded to taking pictures of swimming or of multifarious life.
It is possible to clearly photograph water splashes and enhance your images by adding sound of the water.
In the wintertime, DicaPack is usable in ski resorts. Protect your camera from water, sand, dust, etc. in the ocean and mountains.

DicaPack product series for : Digital Camera, Camcorder, Mobile, MP3, PSP, Radio, Multipurpose, Waterproof Earphone.

 Let’s photograph underwater !
            1. Waterproof in 10m deep underwater (JIS IPX8)
                (WP-s10 : Waterproof in 5m deep underwater)
            2. Possible to use with lens with and without zoom function.
            3. Various sizes for different camera sizes.
            4. Clear filming using a UV Coating Polycarbonate lens.
               (WP-70 model has a Super clear PVC lens frame)

lets enjoy the underwater adventure

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