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:: Tips, To Extend Your Laptop Battery Life

Laptop battery is one important component that must be considered in use. Laptop is now a choice of many devices in everyday activities, especially for those who are more often working in mobile. How to treat the batteries to make it more durable and can be used much longer?
With some tips here, you can make significant energy savings and this is a very simple but often unconscious and forgotten.

1. Do not let any device plugged into the laptop when not in use
    Laptop users sometimes leave device plugged in the laptop, whether it's 
    cable digital cameras, USB memory stick, PC Card, even though such 
    devices are not used anymore.
2. Reduce the brightness
    One of component is pretty much seized laptops use the battery capacity 
    is the LCD screen.

3. Set the battery power
    You can change your laptop power scheme by opening the Control Panel 
    and then click Power Options. From "Power schemes" select option 
    "Portable / Laptop" and you also can still reduce the list indicated. 
    If you want a more durable battery, you should choose ''Maximum Battery Life''. 
    This option will save battery usage, because it only requires a minimum     
    processor speed.
4. Notice the use and charging battery
    Fill up to full 100%, If the battery is running very low. To note again, remove 
    the battery from the laptop if you do not use a laptop in a long time.
5. Turn off your wireless signal search if not used
    Wi-Fi certainly participate actively consuming the battery consumption. 
    This method can save a few minutes when your laptop battery, depends on 
    the type of your laptop.
6. Use the touchpad or mouse without variation
    When you run a program or application that does not require a mouse, 
    you can use the touchpad as a mouse replacement. If you require using 
    the mouse, use the mouse a little variation blinking lights or no lights blinking.


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