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:: Tips, How To Download Safely With Limewire

Most people these days are quite happy using the internet to download their favorite songs, movies and shows. We have entered a new technological age of digital technology which has been largely powered by the internet. Shareware is the term for the technology used for sharing digital files online. Limewire is the most commonly used shareware program in the world. However, unfortunately most people never make the most of this software because there isn't a lot of information avilable on exactly how to use limewire.

Limewire is one of the many software programs which connect hundreds of thousands of people together through the internet by way of the gnutella network. In a nutshell this technology gives users access to any files which are shared via the network.

The arrival of this technology has many advantages for users, but also presents many dangers. The key benefit of being connected to this network is the ability to download virtually ANY digital file that you can imagine, all for FREE! Conversely, the risks associated with linking to this network include opening up your system to malicious trojan viruses and harmful malware or spyware. This is often enough to put most people off using this system. However, this is unfortunate because there are a lot of tools on hand to reduce this risk, most people just don't know about them.

Effective search tactics is one of the key ways to reduce your risk. Also, if you set up limewire properly right from the get go using the settings under the options tab you can dramatically lessen the risk of harmful attacks. The remainder of this article is devoted to some of the top strategies on how to use limewire.

Keeping safe whilst using limewire is an extensive topic. Here's a run down of three of the best methods you can apply right now to steer clear of nasty software attacks. Uploading - to increase the performance of limewire go into your settings and shift the upload bandwidth bar to zero. It is also important to stop partial file sharing as this can seriously have an effect on your download speeds. Search for safe file types - based on my own user experience I advise the following file extensions. Music files; Mp3 is the best! WMA and m4a and a close second depending on your user platform. Video files; I have found avi files to be the most consistent in terms of quality and reliability. Dodgy files are mov, qt and srt. All other files types are somewhere in between.

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