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:: Overview of Canon lenses

Canon’s lens line  
Canon’s lens line is broad and deep, and with lens adapters, many other brands such as Nikon, Leica R, Olympus and Contax can be used on Canon EOS.  

The “L” lenses  
Canon’s “L” line is designed for professionals: high quality build, more advanced and higher performing optics, which is not to say that non-L lenses are inferior; many are excellent. But in general, if you can afford it, you’ll want “L glass”, the stuff with the red ring at the end of the lens barrel.  

EF vs EF-S lenses
The EF designation means that a lens is designed for a full-frame 36 X 24mm sensor.
The EF-S designation means that a lens is designed for a smaller cropped sensor, 22.3mm wide.

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  1. The"L" stands for Luxury. You can find the"L" lenses from the red ring on the lens body. Indeed, it designs for professional purposes. It creates remarkable pictures. Even an amateur could take great pictures with the"L" lenses.
    Almost all my lenses are "L" and they never disappoint me. From landscape, fashion, and product photos I took, I always use these "L" lenses.
    The L lenses I got are 16-35 mm L f/2.8, 24-70 mm L f/2.8, 70-200 mm L IS f/2.8, 85 mm L II f/1.2 , 100 mm L IS macro f/2.8, 135 mm L f/2.0. They are all used depending upon the situations.
    Supposed there are questions regarding these lenses, just let me know. I might be able to help you... Have fun...


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