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:: hp Slate will come with a charm

If there is no obstacle hp Slade will probably start this year, The device supports multitask ( using slate you can listen to the music while downloading an important file ) and of course run under windows 7 ( we hope its real windows 7 and not come with starter ).
So far there is still no complete info about hp slate, adobe has come out swinging in support and comes with a variety of modes - movie mode, ebook mode, pc mode, integrated video webcam and wi-fi, usb 2.0, card support and other media-rich content.
Slate is being 0. 3 inches larger than the iPad screen, and the iPad has a ratio of 4:3 and most video's need a ratio 16. 9.

About battery life, no have information yet but the competitor has claims to have 10 hours battery life.
Hp claims the hp slate is not a prototype, but a actual function product so we see its presence in this year.

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