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Anyone would be heard and know that W7 is windows seven, it was one of the new operating system offered by microsoft.
The main goal of microsoft for this particular operating system will come with a fully compatible with the hardware and applications that also work for windows vista.
W7 has done a great visual upgrade and looks clean and simple, more functional, more efficient than those designed windows vista operating system and many are saying is easy in operation.

New innovations in products offered are designed to enhance your abilities as a professional was better and manage the provision of more mobile, protect data, improve both the end user and personal productivity.
For laptop users are experience a longer battery life and memory management has improved disk activity also has been greatly reduced.

Fact about Windows 7

- Developer : Microsoft
- Release date : RTM: 22 Juli 2009 and for Retail: 22 Oktober 2009
- License : MS-EULA
- Platform Support : IA-32, x86-64
- Graphics Processing Unit : 

Support for DirectX 9 graphics processor with WDDM Driver Model 1.0 (for Windows Aero)
- Hard disk (HDD) : 32-bit ( Minimum capacity of 16 GB ), 

                           64-bit ( Minimum capacity of 20 GB )
- Speed of central processing units : 32-bit ( 1 GHz 32-bit CPU ), 

                                                  64-bit ( 1 GHz 64-bit CPU )
- RAM : 32-bit ( max installed only up to 4GB ), 

            64-bit ( max installed 192 GB )
- Version : Home Basic, Home Premium, Home Profesional, Home Ultimate, Starter

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