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Most of spyware gets download to your computer without your knowledge. It usually shows up through free downloads and email attachments.
If you’ve ever been surfing the internet and a message pops-up and you accidentally hit “Yes” or “OK”, you may have accidentally installed spyware. Even the smartest Internet users get spyware— so you can take comfort knowing you’re not alone.
What does spyware DO exactly? Three basic things: 

1. Gets Annoying – Spyware can become VERY annoying by displaying endless pop-ups and ads. It’s also common for spyware to send copies of itself to everyone in your address book— and you’ll never know!
2. Slows Down Your Computer – Spyware makes everything feel “sluggish” for no apparent reason. If your computer runs a lot slower now than when you first bought it, chances are you have spyware.
3. Steals Your Information – Spyware can install “keyloggers” and files in your registry system that steal private information, look for online banking or credit card numbers, and so on. This is the most dangerous threat of spyware.  

Unfortunately, more types of spyware are being added to the Internet every day… making it a growing problem. Your anti-virus program will not take care of this, so you’ve got to find a different solution.
To make matters worse, a lot of hackers have created software that promises to “remove spyware”— but actually installs MORE of it! Not just spyware either: A lot of these “removal” programs will install nasty viruses, keystrokers, malware, and Trojan horses…
I’ve had spyware on my computer that kept showing pop-ups that said, “Got Spyware?” and “Stop Pop-Ups Now”. If you’re like me, this drives you nuts. And millions of dollars are being made from our frustration.
So now it’s time to STOP it. The program that I personally use and recommend to get rid of spyware is called “NoAdware”. You can get it here (opens in new window). 

There are a lot of “brand name” anti-spyware programs that work well, but cost way too much. There’s simply no reason to waste your money on this problem.

On the other hand, other people try to remove spyware without spending any money. Big mistake. This is where hackers take advantage of you by offering “free” removal programs… and then your computer will REALLY get screwed up.
Even if you think you’ve found a legitimate “free” spyware removal program, I don’t recommend downloading it. The fact is there are tens of thousands of new threats added every week… so you need a program that gets updated on a consistent basis.
You want an anti-spyware program that meets these conditions:
* Combines REMOVAL and PREVENTION together.
* Gets updated on a consistent basis for new threats.
* Occupies very little space on your hard drive.
* Loads quickly and doesn’t “clog” system resources in the background.
* Easy to use and install.
* Works perfectly again and again and again with no bugs.  

Very few software tools on the market actually meet these criteria— or even half of them!
Spyware is not a problem to be taken lightly. It can really turn into a nightmare.
Credit card data, online banking access, private passwords, and other sensitive information is all at risk. The FTC reports that over 10 MILLION people will fall victim to identity theft this year. If you have kids, the situation can be even more dangerous…

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